About us

About us

We are proud to collaborate with leading suppliers in the area of airway management and scar tissue management.

We support education regarding the proper use of the products we supply and encourage you to contact us for further information regarding how we may be of service to you.

IGA d.o.o. is seeking partnership with manufacturers of medical device products with innovative properties that make everyday life easier for patients.

Welcome to take a closer look at what we offer, we will be glad to assist you!

Mr Paulo Peronja, Mr Pharm

Director of Product Authorization

Paulo holds a Master degree in Pharmacy from Zagreb University and has experience from establishing, operating and managing pharmacies. Paulo has further been hospital director of a Medical Clinic. Paulo’s knowledge in the field of pharmacology benefits greatly to the understanding of products we bring to the market.

Please contact Paulo if you have any questions regarding the products we supply, supply channels, regulatory affairs as well as products still needed on the market:

E-mail: paulo.peronja@iga.hr
Mobile phone: +385 98 370 164

Mr Mario Kovacevic

Director of Sales and Marketing, Managing Director

Mario holds a degree in Business Administration from Bethel University. He has worked in several medical device companies, of which one has been Oktal Pharma, and has gained expertise in communication, education and support of our customers.

Mario travels and educates, patients, nurses, dr’s, pharmacy employees and sales reps in the proper handling and use of the products we supply to the market.

If you are a patient, dr, nurse or other health care professional, and seek information about how our products are to be used, product, packaging and need suggestions, or support in any way, please contact Mario at:

E-mail: mario.kovacevic@iga.hr
Mobile phone: +385 91 4637 752


Mrs Blaženka Ferenčak, Graduate Nurse

Medical Representative